Prusa MK2(S) Ext. Driver Board v2.3

So, what is this? This is an external stepper driver board for X and Y stepper motors of the original Prusa MK2/MK2S printers. It allows usage of TMC2100 (Silent Step Stick and similar) drivers, so your printer will become a lot quieter and much smoother due to the 256 step interpolation (same as on the MK3). This is the latest upgraded version 2.3 of the board.


The Mini-Rambo v1.3a board does not have much spare pins, and since the MK2.5 upgrade from prusa the free pins are extremely limited. So I’ve decided that the new revision 2.3 of the board will need to have all 8 data wires soldered to the back of the Mini-Rambo. This way you do it once, and you have it all – works with the official firmware and all current and future upgrades from Prusa.

This kit is recommended for DIY enthusiasts who are not afraid to mod their machines.

Please read below the two important things you need to know before deciding if you want this mod!!
1. By soldering on the back of your Mini-Rambo you’re practically voiding your Prusa warranty!
2. I take no responsibility if you mess this modification up and/or damage your printer. You need to have basic soldering skills. Do at your own risk, or get someone more experienced to do it for you!


  • Silent! – I’ve tested it with TMC2100 drivers and the printer is very quiet. Now the part cooling fan is noisier than the X-Y movements.
  • Almost easy installation – You’ll have to solder 8 wires to the back of the Mini-Rambo on large and easy to solder copper pads.
  • Works with the official firmware – No need anymore to flash custom firmware, works fine with the official one.
  • Printable box – convinient printable box for the mod compatible with the original design. (
  • Config jumpers – The board is pre-configured for spreadCycle mode, but you can switch to stealthChop (not recommended due to possible skipping)
  • Easy revert – you can easily switch back to stock by just disconnecting the motor cables and plugging them back in the Mini-Rambo
  • 12/24V power input – You can power the board with 24V if you like, but stock 12V work just fine, too.
  • Fan connector – There’s a fan connector on the board for an easy connection to the external cooling fan.
  • Works with MMU and MK2.5 upgrades – You do the mod once and it’s upgrade-proof. Any current or future upgrade from Prusa will work just as fine.


What’s included in the kit:

  • 1 x MK2/MK2S Ext. driver board v2.3
  • 1 x Data cable
  • 1 x Power cable


  • No stepper drivers are included in the kit !!! You’ll have to buy them seperately! Make sure you buy ones with bigger heatsink! I use these: Ebay (EU),  Ebay (US, not tested yet)
  • The additional Noctua fan you see on the pictures is not included. I strongly suggest you put one as the TMCs are getting very hot. Get the 12V version. Noctua fan
  • The voltmeter you see on the pictures is not included, but you can buy one here:  Ebay,   Banggood (EU)
  • I highly recommend using heavier heatsinks like these: Aliexpress

I have people reporting that with the original Watterott TMC2100 drivers the motors are whining. So please avoid them!

I’ve tested some versions of the TMC2100 and the ones with black PCB work the best. I do not recommend the ones with white PCB, as the motors were whining with them, too.

Installation manual will be provided after purchase.

 Price: 29.99 EUR
Worldwide registered shipping included.

Available now! Buy one here: Shop


More pictures: