MK2(S) Ext. Driver Board rev.2.3 testing update

Hello guys, quick update. I’ve been testing a new revision of the board which will be compatible with all current and future MK2 Prusa upgrades (MMU and MK2.5). The best thing is it’s working with the official firmware from Prusa, I’m very excited about it. The old revision 2.1 will support all upgrades, but will need a very simple modification of the firmware which I will provide. So all of you guys who now have the old board, you’re in the game, too 🙂 Next batch will be ready in maybe 3 weeks, I’ll keep you updated.

MK2(S) ext. driver board compatibility with 2.5 upgrade

Hi guys,

I just had a look at the new 2.5 upgrade manual and it turns out they used most of the pins I used for my board. This doesn’t necessarily means it’s not compatible. It means more wires to be soldered on the back to use the existing pins. I would probably change the design and test it on my machine before I come up with a solution. It will maybe take 4 wires in total to be soldered on the back of the mini RAMBO (compared to 1 now), but there’s no other way… If you want it, you’ll have to do it. The best thing is it will then be compatible with both MMU and 2.5 upgrades.




MK2(S) board preorders are closed!

Hi guys, I’m closing the preorders for the MK2(S) board as the batch is over now. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. Currently I’m assembling the boards and the cables and I expect to complete the batch in 6-7 days. After that I will send payment instructions to everyone and will be shipping the kits within one day of cleared payment. Once again I’ll be accepting only payments via Transferwise. For the ones who missed – at some later stage if there’s more interested people I will do a second batch, but I cannot give estimates.

MK2(S) board preorders almost complete

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that pre-orders are almost complete, I have very limited number of boards left and I’ll close the preordering soon, so if you want to get your hands on one don’t wait for the last moment.

I’ve started assembling the boards and the cables, waiting on some connectors, but they should arrive in one-two weeks. I expect to begin shipping at the end of February. When I’m ready I will send everyone a payment invitation with instructions on how to pay via Transferwise. Thanks for your support!!

MegaMod v2 and v3 update

A little update for all angry folks out there. I know I’ve left this project for more than a year. It seems like I will never find time to finish it and have more boards ready. I recently moved to another city, changed my job, built new home and I’m currently expecting my first child to be born really soon. I will try to revive it as soon as I feel like I have the time to do it. Meanwhile I will continue doing small projects like the MegaJoy service to compensate for the MegaMod  🙂