The second revision of the MegaMod, completely new concept. The main brain is now ATMEGA328P. It’s based on the MegaDrivePlusPlus mod .


v2.0 features:

  • Controller button combos – change all modes on-the-fly via the controller pad
  • Reset from pad – AKA In-Game-Reset
  • Crystal clear sound – Toggle Filtered / Unfiltered audio modes, hear the difference below (The Mega Amp)
  • Region change – change EUR/USA/JAP region and video modes via the Reset button and also via the controller pad combos
  • External RGB LED – shows the current mode (Green – EUR, Red – JAP, Blue – USA). It replaces the original LED on the console board.
  • Internal green LED – used for controller pad connection status indication.
  • Sega CD multi-BIOS toggle – auto-change the Sega CD BIOS according the chosen Genesis/MD region (EUR/USA/JAP) (optional, you need additional mod on the Sega CD)
  • Sega 32x region change – auto-change the Sega 32x region according the chosen Genesis/MD region (EUR/USA/JAP) (optional, you need additional mod on the 32x)
  • All modes are saved in the internal memory, and reused at power up.


Crystal clear sound comparison:

Now all modes can be switched over via controller pad 1 on the Genesis/MD. The last used mode is saved automatically after 5 seconds and reused at power up.

Here’s all the combos:

In-Game-Reset (IRG) : Start + A + B + C

Reset signal is auto-detected at startup (high or low), so all mainboard revisions are supported.

Change region:

  • Red color, JAP (60Hz): Start + B + Left
  • Green color, EUR (50Hz): Start + B + Down
  • Blue color, USA (60Hz): Start + B + Right

Toggle audio Filtered / Unfiltered modes: Start + B +Up

You can also change the region via the console Reset button, just hold it and the LED will color-cycle the regions.

The internal green LED is used to diagnose the controller pad connection to the MegaMod. Pressing either button (except X, Y, Z, Mode) will light up the LED. Test buttons one by one. If the LED lights up on every button, connection is OK.

In order to to change the Sega CD BIOS automatically you must first mod the Sega CD with a new pre-flashed multi-BIOS EPROM chip, which I also sell separately. After that the BIOS is changed automatically when you change the region on the Genesis/MD.

Sega 32x automatic region change is also possible after small modification on the 32X itself.

Before you decide to buy the mod here’s some considerations:

Model 1 VA0 to VA6.8 – sound is good, audio fix is NOT needed, region mod can be applied
Model 1 VA7 – sound is bad, audio fix is needed, region mod can be applied (complete mod)

Model 2 VA0 to VA4 – sound is bad, audio fix is needed, region mod can be applied (complete mod)

Model 3 VA1 to VA2 – sound is bad, audio fix is needed, region mod can be applied (complete mod)

So depending on what console you want to mod you will either use only the region mod, or use both the audio fix and the region mod.
For example, If you decide to mod a model 1 (unless it’s a VA7) you will use only the region mod part of my board. Audio part will not be used.
If you decide to mod a model 2 VA1 (which has the worst sound) you will end up with a perfectly sounding console with a switchless region mod installed. (complete mod)

Please note that when you install the MegaMod board, switching between regions will work only with RGB SCART cable.
Composite video and S-video will work only for the region the console is manufactured for (NTSC USA/JAP – 60HZ, PAL EUROPE – 50Hz).

Note for Everdrive cartridge users: Controller button combos can be used only after a game is started. For example when you’re in the Everdrive menus, modes can be changed only via the Reset button. When you start the game all functionality is available. This is due to the strange way Everdrives are programmed. Normal cartridges start immediatelly, so no problem with them.

Installation instructions will be provided in the form of pictures after purchase.

Warning! I take no responsibility is you mess this modification up. I always test every single board, so I guarantee my board is tested before sent. Do at your own risk, or get someone more experienced to do it for you!

Kit contents:

  • 1 x MegaMod v2.0 board
  • 1 x RGB color LED