Have you ever wanted a wireless bluetooth 6 button Megadrive/Genesis joypad to use with retropie/lakka/retroarch systems? Please welcome the MEGAJOY service.



What I’m doing here is I’m implanting your 8bitdo Zero bluetooth mini controller into your Hyperkin GN6 controller. I’m working only with Hyperkin GN6 controllers since these are premium quality and the result is excellent. All the features from the ZERO controller are the same, Z button is mapped to the L, C button is mapped to R and MODE button is mapped to SELECT button. The rest of the buttons are the same. (A,B,X,Y,UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,START). Of course you will have to re-bind the buttons in your emulation system to be able to play 6-button games correctly. A small 3 color LED indicator is visible on the back of the controller to indicate the status of the joypad. Cable will be completely removed. Micro USB connector for charging will be placed on top of the GN6 controller where cable used to be.



  • Windows, Android, macOS

Controller Mode

  • X-input, D-input, Mac mode


  • Wireless Bluetooth


  • 180mAh Li-ion battery, rechargeable
  • 18 play hours with 1-2 hour charging time

What you MUST ship to me:

  • 1 x Hyperkin GN6 controller
  • 1 x 8Bitdo ZERO bluetooth mini controller

What I ship back to you:

  • A modded Hyperkin GN6 controller with implanted ZERO controller inside.

Warning! Hyperkin GN6 and 8Bitdo ZERO controllers are NOT included in the price. You must buy the Hyperkin GN6 controller and the 8bitdo Zero controller in advance. You have to ship them to my address so I can mod and return your final product. The price is only for modding service (return shipping included). 

Price: 50.00 EUR
(Price includes additional parts, modding, testing and return worldwide registered shipping)
Service time: 3-7 days after I received both GN6 and ZERO controllers.
The modded GN6 controller will be shipped the next working day after I do the mod and test it.

Instructions and shipping address will be received after the order.

Out of stock.