The ultimate switchless mod for LCD modded Nomads! Based on the Sebastian Kienzl’s code.



  • Correct frequency carrier for PAL – No more black/white picture when in 50HZ (PAL). Precise frequency for quality PAL color picture.
  • Switchless mod – change region / video modes via the Mode button.
  • LED indicator – 3 color external LED shows the current mode (Green – EU, Red – JAP, Orange – US). It is placed additionally in the console.
  • Works great with the TV out cable – play your games in PAL/NTSC or any region on your TV via the original cable! (your TV must support composite PAL/NTSC)

Here’s how the Mode button works:

  • Short press <250ms – normal console reset
  • Long press between 250ms and 1250ms – 50/60 Hz on-the-fly switch (after button is released the LED flashes slow – 50Hz or fast – 60Hz)
  • Hold for more than 1250ms – As long as the button is pressed, the regions are cycled through (1sec each). After the button is released the region-setting gets changed and the console will reset so the new region-settings take effect.

All settings are stored in the internal memory, so after console reset it will remain in the last set mode.

Here’s a demo of how this board works in a LCD modded Nomad:

I am recommending this LCD for the mod, it has a blue driver board PCB. You can find it in ebay, just use “3.5” LCD TFT rear camera monitor” etc.  keywords.


It’s also good to have the LCD board modded to use 5V instead of 12V. It saves battery power! Here, under Method 2.

Other LCD displays can be used, but you have to test them through the TV out before putting them in the console. Just mod the console with Mega Nomad and test the LCD externally with the original Sega composite TV cable. (the one with the yellow, red and white plugs)

Warning! I take no responsibility is you mess this modification up. I always test every single board, so I guarantee my board is tested before sent. Do at your own risk, or get someone more experienced to do it for you!

Kit contents:

  • 1 x Mega Nomad v1.0 board
  • 1 x 3 color LED

LCD display and LCD driver board are NOT INCLUDED in the kit!

Installation manual will be provided after purchase.

Price: 29.00 EUR per kit
Free worldwide registered shipping included.

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