Author: toto99303

MegaJoy service available

Ever wanted a wireless bluetooth 6 button Sega controller? Here’s how to get one:


MegaMod v2 and v3 update

A little update for all angry folks out there. I know I’ve left this project for more than a year. It seems like I will never find time to finish it and have more boards ready. I recently moved to another city, changed my job, built new home and I’m currently expecting my first child to be born really soon. I will try to revive it as soon as I feel like I have the time to do it. Meanwhile I will continue doing small projects like the MegaJoy service to compensate for the MegaMod  🙂

Introducing the Mega Nomad!

Hey guys, I know’re waiting for the MegaMod boards, but I encountered a very nasty bug in the code for handling the joypad and It’s going to take a while until I find a way to fix it. Meanwhile I got a new board out, It’s called Mega Nomad, you can see all the details in the video below and here: Mega Nomad

The MegaMod boards will be delayed for 2017, but I hope that this new board will bring some joy to you guys! Happy holidays!

Working on v3.0

It’s been two weeks since I started working on MegaMod v3.0. The prototype PCB design is done and I’ll be sending it for manufacture sometime soon. New smaller components will replace the old ones since the space gets very limited on the PCB as the features list grows. All v2.0 features remain. A modern RGB  video amplifier is added to the schematic. It will remove any “jailbars” and the image will look crisper, more vibrant and also a bit sharper due to the more modern filters inside the chip. The RGB modification will be compatible with the original RGB SCART cables. I will be testing it as soon as I get the pcb and assemble the board. No release date for now as my free time is very limited…mmv3