Ext. driver board with TMC2208

Hi guys, good news. I’ve completed testing my board with TMC2208 from Watterott.

So, why using TMC2208? Mainly because:
stealthChop2™ No-noise, high-precision chopper algorithm for inaudible motion and inaudible standstill of the motor. Allows faster motor acceleration and deceleration than stealthChop™ and extends stealthChop to low stand still motor currents.

Benefits of using stealthChop2:
– Significantly improved microstepping with low cost motors
– Motor runs smooth and quiet
– Absolutely no standby noise
– Reduced mechanical resonance yields improved torque
– Reduced motor working temperature

I highly recommend using these instead of TMC2100. The main reason is the increased torque and lower motor temperatures. Here’s the manual on how to do it:



  1. Thank you for your continuous effort in making this great mod even better! Ordered 2 TMC2208 immediately. While I had no issues with TMC2100, the steppers do get got and I don’t want to risk skipped layers in the future.

  2. Hello, I got layershift on the tcm 2100 stepper drivers, when i use liner adv The stepper motors is about 55-60 c Did you have the same trouble?

    Sendt fra min iPhone

    > 4. jun. 2018 kl. 10:03 skrev VMOD : > > >

    1. Hi, are you using IGUS bearings? This is common with them as they have more friction. You can try higher Vref on both drivers, start with small increments, for example 0.05 V. What is your current Vref? I would also recommend going back with the original bearings if you’re using IGUS. Have a read at the troubleshooting section of the manual also. Thanks!

  3. Hi I just ordered your board (thanks for it 😉 ) – and I’m curious what “Power mode” I have to set on my Prusa mk2.5 ? I suppose full, or it doesn’t matter ? Right now I have “Automatic” or “Silent”

    1. Hello, in theory yes, but I don’t find much difference in noise between the two. But 2208 are a lot more reliable and juice more torque in Stealthchop2 mode. I’d say this only is enough reason for an upgrade. Just don’t swap the drivers without reading the manual, or you can damage your rambo!

  4. Hi

    I installed and tested today your board, have you thought about third stepper for Z ?

    1. Hi, adding drivers for Z motors is possible with second Ext. Driver Board. Some people have it already, I’m testing it, too. I’ll prepare manual for this soon.

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