Note on MK2S motors temperature and Vref with TMC2100

Hi guys, I often get the question for the high temperature on the motors. Yes, it’s normal, TMCs use different algorhythm in StealthChop mode and it’s also doing 256 steps instead of only 16. So the motors run hotter. It’s the same on MK3. Pucture below is my X motor temperature during print of PETG. If you’re running with the stock LM8UU bearings you can try to lower the Vref on both motors to 0.85 V. After that watch for layer shifting. You can go even lower if you don’t have layer shift. If it appears you’ll have to increase Vref again step by step up to 1V so you get to a safe point. Mine get very hot during print, but no problems so far, motors are able to take a lot more temperature, Jo Prusa said it himself. If you’re running with IGUS bearings you will most probably get layer shifting after lowering the Vref. This is due to the nature of the plastic bearings and the usual problem with getting the rods perfectly parallel. At the end you’ll have to find the sweet spot for yourself and your current build. You can always contact me if you have any questions.


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